The number of scientific papers on intra-articular treatment has greatly increased in the last few years. The development of the ultrasound technique has provided us the opportunity for a safe guidance for the intra-articular injections.
Furthermore, even more companies are manufacturing and supplying products for intra-articular use; the need to give an answer to an increasing clinical demand for local treatment in musculoskeletal diseases is greater every day.
Eventually, it has become more common for specialists from several disciplines to treat administration of drugs and medical devices by intra-articular injections.
In other words, the world of intra-articular management has become one of the greatest challenges in different fields and from several points of view.


Many physicians involved in the area of intra-articular treatments have become aware of
the necessity of organizing a worldwide meeting that will allow them to update the knowledge and share experience in this field.
ISIAT aims to answer that need


ISIAT Congress will be held every two years across different European cities and it will bring together experts from all over the world in order to share their experience in performing intra-articular management. ISIAT aims to be a communication tool and an opportunity for deepening and comparing different experiences.
Scientific sessions will cover different and interesting topics: among which how to deal with new products for intra-articular use.
It will prompt debates on important matters such as the use of ultrasound guidance and the comparison between different available products.
According to ISIAT principles, practical sessions will play a key role on how to deal with various aspects of the US-guided injection techniques. Specifically, courses on the US-guided injections of all joints will be held during these practical sessions.
ISIAT wants to encourage an extensive communication of novelty and new experiences among physicians and experts performing the intra-articular treatments.
For this specific reason, oral communications and poster presentations will play a major role as well.